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Giordano Nin
Game Developer

"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought."

- Albert Einstein

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Hi, I'm Giordano – a Game Developer who's been in love with making games since the age of 12, and accumulating 5+ years using Unity. Throughout my career, I've developed a reputation for being an outside-the-box thinker and natural leader. I'm passionate about using games as a medium for storytelling, I enjoy exploring new ways to create immersive and unforgettable experiences. With my crazy creative mind and my strong ability in solving complex problems, I'm excited to make an impact in the indie game scene.

A Bit Of My Work:

VideoBuster Square Logo.jpg

A wholesome Visual-Novel where you run a retro video rental store.

It started on 2022's GameJam+. The game was well acclaimed, earning a spot in the final on Rio de Janeiro. 

Business Chess Square image_edited.jpg

A top-down Zelda-like educational game that teaches real life and career related skills. 

Created for the Business Chess team, this innovative design shows how games really can be a powerful learning tool.

building builder logo.png

A hipercasual game about stacking blocks and filling mosaics to climb a building.

I was the Game Designer for the 67 Bits Game Studio. In my time there, we published a lot of games, I hope that with this one I can show you a bit of what I can do.

VideoBuster Logo Wide.png
Relax, Remember, Create
Remember the good old days of video stores? Our LOFI nostalgia trip game, VideoBuster, takes players on a journey back to those simpler times. I played a crucial role in developing mechanics to bring this concept to life. The team's efforts were rewarded with our game being awarded 2nd place at the 2022 GameJam+ event in Rio de Janeiro and later was selected as one of the world's finalists.
As a Technical Game Designer, I was responsible for bridging the gap between our designer and our programmer, and I was heavily involved in both fields. When developing our drag & drop feature, it was a challenge to prevent players from placing objects where they shouldn't, but after studying relevant references and analyzing our project needs, I developed a smart solution that worked seamlessly within our systems. I'm proud of the role I played in bringing VideoBuster to life, and I look forward to taking on more exciting challenges in the future.
VideoBuster Planning.gif

▪️ We used agile methodologies on Jira, teamwork on Discord and modern design tools like Miro to manage workflow and project vision.

VideoBuster Building.gif

▪️ I used a tool-based development approach so me and the Lead Game Designer could build the game together in Unity. Always keeping the project safe and organized on GitHub.

Videobuster Gameplay 01.gif

▪️ In the end we ended up with a fun prototype full of mechanics that impressed the judges.

Business Chess Banner.png
Learning is much more effective when it's
The gameplay in Business Chess is inspired by classic top-down adventure games like Zelda. However, on top of being a fun adventure, the puzzles in Business Chess are designed to teach real-life and career-related skills. Each puzzle presents a unique challenge that requires the player to apply not only critical thinking and problem-solving skills but also knowledge about real life topics.
As the solo developer for this project, I worked hard to ensure that the gameplay was not only fun and engaging but also effective in achieving the educational goals of the game. I believe that this unique combination of entertainment and education is what sets Business Chess apart from other learning games and proves a game like this is a valuable addition to any training program. It’s always a challenge being in charge of so many areas of development at once, but it wasn’t my first time in this position and I’m happy with the result of this prototype.
Business Chess clip top-down 01.gif

▪️ A top-down set of mechanics for an exiting adventure.

Business Chess clip challenge 01.gif

▪️ Interactive puzzles integrating the educational content right into the gameplay.

Business Chess clip challenge 02.gif

▪️ Learning is an intrinsic part of the gameplay, the set of mechanics reflect that.

 Building Builder 

Can you build it faster then them?
As a Game Designer at 67 Bits Studio, amongst other projects, I had the opportunity to work on Building Builder, a hypercasual game where players race against enemies to fill a mosaic on a wall and move up the scaffolding. My role in the project was to refine the initial concept and prototype it in Unity 3D, using the MDA framework to design and implement the various mechanics that create the desired player experience.
During my time at 67 Bits, I had the opportunity to work on many projects, including Building Builder. Through collaboration with the team, we were able to create fun and engaging games that were well-received by players. Building Builder is a testament to my ability to work well in a team environment and use my technical skills to bring creative ideas to life.
Building Builder Start 01.gif

We wanted to create a game where players would fill these images but keep it within the scope of a hipercasual game.

It was a fun challenge to tackle, after some experimentations with different ideas I came up with this design.

We needed to add variance and depth, so I came up with the scaffolding and random boards to give the player a sense of progression.

Building Builder Scafolding up 01.gif
Building Builder End 01.gif

In the beginning of my career, this project was a good way for me to understand my design process better, from idea to finished and published game.


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