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Learning is much more effective when it's
The gameplay in Business Chess is inspired by classic top-down adventure games like Zelda. However, on top of being a fun adventure, the puzzles in Business Chess are designed to teach real-life and career-related skills. Each puzzle presents a unique challenge that requires the player to apply not only critical thinking and problem-solving skills but also knowledge about real life topics.
As the solo developer for this project, I worked hard to ensure that the gameplay was not only fun and engaging but also effective in achieving the educational goals of the game. I believe that this unique combination of entertainment and education is what sets Business Chess apart from other learning games and proves a game like this is a valuable addition to any training program. It’s always a challenge being in charge of so many areas of development at once, but it wasn’t my first time in this position and I’m happy with the result of this prototype.
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▪️ A top-down set of mechanics for an exiting adventure.

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▪️ Interactive puzzles integrating the educational content right into the gameplay.

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▪️ Learning is an intrinsic part of the gameplay, the set of mechanics reflect that.

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