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 Building Builder 

Can you build it faster then them?
As a Game Designer at 67 Bits Studio, I had the opportunity to work on Building Builder, a hypercasual game where players race against enemies to fill a mosaic on a wall and move up the scaffolding. My role in the project was to refine the initial concept and prototype it in Unity 3D, using the MDA framework to design and implement the various mechanics that create the desired player experience.
During my time at 67 Bits, I had the opportunity to work on many projects, including Building Builder. Through collaboration with the team, we were able to create fun and engaging games that were well-received by players. Building Builder is a testament to my ability to work well in a team environment and use my technical skills to bring creative ideas to life.
Building Builder Start 01.gif

We wanted to create a game where players would fill these images but keep it within the scope of a hipercasual game.

It was a fun challenge to tackle, after some experimentations with different ideas I came up with this design.

We needed to add variance and depth, so I came up with the scaffolding and random boards to give the player a sense of progression.

Building Builder Scafolding up 01.gif
Building Builder End 01.gif

In the beginning of my career, this project was a good way for me to understand my design process better, from idea to finished and published game.


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