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Relax, Remember, Create
Remember the good old days of video stores? Our LOFI nostalgia trip game, VideoBuster, takes players on a journey back to those simpler times. I played a crucial role in developing mechanics to bring this concept to life. The team's efforts were rewarded with our game being awarded 2nd place at the 2022 GameJam+ event in Rio de Janeiro and later was selected as one of the world's finalists.
As a Technical Game Designer, I was responsible for bridging the gap between our designer and our programmer, and I was heavily involved in both fields. When developing our drag & drop feature, it was a challenge to prevent players from placing objects where they shouldn't, but after studying relevant references and analyzing our project needs, I developed a smart solution that worked seamlessly within our system. I'm proud of the role I played in bringing VideoBuster to life, and I look forward to taking on more exciting design challenges in the future.
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▪️ We used agile methodologies on Jira, teamwork on Discord and modern design tools like Miro to manage workflow and project vision.

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▪️ I then built the game's mechanics using Unity, creating tools for me and the Lead Game Designer to create the game with. Always keeping the project safe and organized on GitHub.

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▪️ In the end we ended up with a fun prototype full of mechanics that impressed the judges.


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